Connor’s Ready To Make A Difference In Cambodia

Posted on October 3, 2017 | Charity, News

It has been our pleasure to reward the hard work and focused application of one of our Russell Armer Homes’ apprentices this summer and this is where Connor Dixon needs to stand up and take a bow.

Nineteen-year-old Connor, who comes from Kendal, is to enjoy the experience of a lifetime and an opportunity to develop new life skills in a challenging environment.  We have chosen him to represent us on a construction project in Cambodia – Habitat for Humanity – which is managed by the House Builders Federation (HBF).  Connor will shortly meet up with other UK construction workers and all will tackle the mission of creating homes for vulnerable families living in highly impoverished communities.

Connor was selected for this experience through an internal competition run and overseen by our Construction Director, Andrew Taylor.  All apprentices were asked to take a look at their own skills and attitude to work and apply themselves in a such a way that would lead to self-improvement.

Having analysed all of his apprentices’ performances, Andrew selected Connor as the winner, as he had shown the most commitment, and improved the most, during the period under review.

Andrew says: “Connor is a deserving winner of this experience because he has constantly pushed himself forward and always aims to increase his knowledge in all aspects of joinery. I am sure this will be a life-changing experience for him and enable him to become a more rounded person having spent time helping those in need.”

Connor adds: “I worked hard to improve my skills, so that I had a chance to be in contention for this trip to Cambodia. Russell Armer Homes gave me an opportunity, through my joinery apprenticeship, to build my future and now this trip is my chance to give something back to others.”

Connor will set off for this amazing experience on 11th November and will spend 7 days working with the Habitat for Humanity project co-ordinators.

“We shall be keen to hear all about the project, when he returns,” says Andrew.  “I am sure his experience will benefit us all.”