Proud to be sustainable

Saving money and the environment

The Home Builders Federation (HBF) released an updated report in February 2023 which confirms that from April 2023 a new build home will save owners an average of £3,000 per year (£3,117.85 to be precise) on energy costs for a new build property when compared to an older property.

Their ‘Watt a Save’ report goes on to confirm that 85% of new builds have an A or B EPC rating, whilst less than 4% of existing homes achieve the same standard of efficiency. An EPC (energy performance certificate) calculates the amount of energy used per m2 and the level of carbon dioxide emissions (in tonnes per year).

Statistics highlight that 53% of buyers are closely looking at the cost-savings offered by energy efficient properties provided by new builds. Coupled with attractive mortgage products, new builds are certainly an attractive option for buyers.

Not only are new builds saving homeowners money, but they’re also helping the environment too. The average new build emits 1.2 tonnes each year which is a third of the carbon of older properties (older properties average 3.6 tonnes, with a new build therefore saving 2.2 tonnes).

In addition, a new build comes with lower maintenance costs as everything is brand spanking new. For complete peace of mind, our homes are also covered by a 10-year warranty provided by us for the first two years, and then by LABC.