Our commitment to you

We put the same high standards of care and attention into looking after our customers as we do into building our homes.  However, we do appreciate that sometimes things can go wrong and so we take complaints very seriously.  If you do have a complaint, we do ask you to let us know so that we may have the opportunity to resolve the issue for you and learn from it.

Reporting an issue
Although we hope there will be no issues after you have moved into your new home, our commitment continues after your sale has been completed.  If you want to tell us about an issue with your home of which we are not yet aware, please contact our Customer Care team by email: customer.care@russell-armer.co.uk
In the unlikely event that they are unable to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, please refer back to this formal complaints procedure.

Dealing with your complaint

If you have a complaint that we have:

  • Failed to do something we should have done (including a repair), or
  • Done it badly, or
  • Have treated you unfairly or discourteously

Then please do raise it with us and allow us the opportunity to put it right. To enable us to respond within the timescales shown below it is essential you follow our complaints procedures.

For non-emergencies, this starts with you contacting the Customer Care team directly.

Informal complaints

If you are able to resolve any issue informally by telephone/email with our Customer Care team or Head Office and are happy with the outcome then you need not use our formal complaints procedures. If, however, you are not satisfied that the problem has been resolved or handled to your satisfaction you may wish to make a formal complaint. You can do this by using our formal complaints procedure set out below.

Formal complaints process

We have robust processes to ensure that your complaint is investigated by our Senior Management Team (SMT), who are best placed to deal with any issues relating to your home or development.

Our business is comprised of a considerable chain of command and it is important that those who are predominantly ‘customer facing’ are given the opportunity to hear and rectify any issues which have arisen – it is only fair that they are not undermined in carrying out their duties to you. We request that the following chain of communication is followed, and if you feel that your complaint is not being satisfactorily resolved, that you follow the command chain.

In order to manage expectations, if a person in command has not been contacted prior to you contacting them about your issue, it is likely that the SMT member will revert your matter to that individual to resolve it directly with you. They will not merely pass the matter, they will ensure that they receive a response that your matter was rectified satisfactorily or if it requires escalation, but that we are clear that matter on developments should as much as possible be rectified by our Customer Care and Site teams – they are in the best place to resolve issues.

1. Head of Customer Care

Please address your complaint, in writing, to the ‘Head of Customer Care’ and mark your letter or email with the subject ‘Stage 1 Formal Complaint’.  We suggest that you either email this complaint to customercare@russell-armer.co.uk or by post to our head office address at the bottom of this page.

Our Head of Customer Care will acknowledge all formal complaints within 5 working days of receipt and aim to respond fully within a further 10 working days.

2. Senior Manager in the Construction Team

We hope that all formal complaints can be addressed by our Head of Customer Care. However, if you feel your own concerns have not been resolved to your satisfaction, you can refer your complaint in writing to the Senior Manager in the Construction Team. Please mark your letter or email with the subject ‘Stage 2 Formal Complaint’. Emails should be sent to: office@russell-armer.co.uk

The Senior Manager in the Construction Team will acknowledge all complaints within 5 working days of receipt and aim to respond fully within a further 10 working days.

3. Managing Director

In the unlikely event that the Head of Construction is unable to resolve matters, then your complaint should be directed to our Managing Director by email or post, and marked ‘Stage 3 Formal Complaint’. Emails should be sent to: office@russell-armer.co.uk

The Managing Director will acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days and aim to respond fully within a further 15 working days. This response will explain the Company’s final position in relation to the matters raised.

If you wish to post a letter of complaint, please remember to address the ‘Stage’ of complaint and send it to:
Russell Armer Homes
4 Cowper Road
CA11 9BN

Please note

If a new formal complaint is received, it will always be referred to the Divisional Head of Customer Care so that it may be dealt with in accordance with this Complaints Procedure.

Our Customer Experience team regularly review all formal complaints so we may amend our procedures where necessary and continue to improve the service we deliver to all our customers.