As soon as you’ve chosen your new home, we’re here to help you throughout the process. It’s an exciting move, let’s make it the best it can be.

Reserve your new home
Found the property you love? The most important first step is to make sure no-one else buys it. Our reservation process is designed to help you secure your chosen new home, while giving you the time you need to prepare your finances before you purchase.

Reservation fees are between £500 and £1000 dependent on the price of the property. This holds your chosen property for 6 weeks. It’s important to arrange your solicitor and finances or mortgage as soon as possible to ensure your reservation period doesn’t expire. Please ask us if you need any advice, we know that every homebuyer’s situation is unique.

As long as you purchase within a set period, your reservation fee will be deducted from the cost of your property.

Personalise your new home
Depending on the building stage at which you reserve your property, it is likely you’ll have the opportunity to customise certain aspects of your new home. From tiling and kitchen fittings to wall colours and electric points – it’s a great opportunity to make your home your own.

All Russell Armer developments are unique, so the options for personalisation vary from site to site. Talk to our Sales Team about the options available on your chosen home.

Contracts and legal process
As with any home purchase, you will need to instruct a solicitor to handle your purchase of a Russell Armer home. Your solicitor will guide you through the exchange of contracts.

Our solicitors will provide you and your solicitor with a contract outlining all the details of your new home and everything that’s provided and guaranteed within the agreed purchase price – this will include an outline of our responsibilities to you.

At this point, guidance on the date of completion will be given (the point at which you will get your keys). This will partly depend on the building stage of your property. Then, you can start planning your move.

Moving in
We all know moving can be stressful. But it’s easier if you dedicate some time to sorting out utilities, insurance, telephone connections and all the services you’ll want to start using as soon as possible.

Water, gas and electric supplies will already be set up in your property (our Sales Team will advise on this), so you’ll just need to make sure that you inform your current suppliers that you are moving in good time – aim to do this a month before you move.

Other services such as telephone and internet providers are likely to require at least 28 days notice, get in touch with your providers as early as you can.

You will need to insure your new home from the date of completion – speak to your current insurer to find out if you can transfer your policy. If not, you’ll need to arrange a new one.

On the day of your move, we’ll welcome you at your property to hand over your keys and provide you with your Homeowners’ Information Pack. This pack will explain our customer care service, so you’ll always know who to talk to if you have any issues at all.

Once you’re in
The best part! As you’re getting to know your new home, give us a call if you have any questions or queries.

We’ll explain everything you need to know during your move-in, but we also pride ourselves on supporting our homebuyers as they get settled in their new home and community. We want to know how you’re getting on, and we want to hear if you’ve any issues at all.

Explore Our Developments or call our Sales Team to find out more.