The Lupton ‘B’: Plot 19 £89,224

2 bedroom first floor affordable apartment

2 bed ground floor apartment has an initial set price of £89,224 with any future sale being at the appropriate percentage of 56.67% of market value.

A stone fronted 2 bed affordable home with open plan living/ kitchen room, bathroom and a double and single bedroom. Outside are 2 dedicated parking spaces.


  • You must have local connections to the parishes of Kirkby Lonsdale, Mansergh, Casterton, Barbon, Middleton, Dent, Garsdale, Sedbergh, Killington, Firbank, Lupton, Hutton Roof, Old Hutton and Holmescales.
  • Your income and capital will be subject to a means test by SLDC.
  • Applicants who can afford open market prices should not apply.


  • Please contact for an application form. Applications must the be submitted to SLDC for approval.
  • Application forms should be returned to the Council no later than Friday 2nd August 2019.
  • Should there be more eligible applicants than properties available, priority will be given to those who have previously registered an interest via our website who are in a position to proceed and in accordance with any SLDC requirement.