In line with national planning policy and SLDC’s adopted policies, including the Development Brief, Russell Armer Homes are proposing to submit a planning application for the following:

  • Approximately 160 new 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom dwellings.
  • Up to 35% of the dwellings will be affordable for people with local needs (as determined and at prices and rents set by SLDC).
  • Use of contextually sensitive forms and local materials.
  • As part of the development a significant contribution will be made for highways and infrastructure improvements via SLDC’s Community Infrastructure Levy.
  • SLDC and Cumbria CC will also receive funding from central government via the New Homes Bonus for affordable homes and community projects.


  • South Lakeland District Council’s Core Strategy Development Plan Document (adopted October 2010) identifies a requirement for 8,800 new homes to be delivered between 2010 and 2025. The Core Strategy sets out that 35% of new homes and employment development will be within Kendal.
  • South Lakeland District Council’s Land Allocations Development Plan Document (adopted December 2013) allocates the land north of Laurel Gardens for residential development with an emphasis on a high quality sustainable development.
  • During the land allocations process the site was assessed as being suitable for development by the Council, as well as a range of consultees. The site has been assessed under the Habitat Regulations.
  • South Lakeland District Council’s 2014 Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update identifies the need for a range of accommodation.
  • South Lakeland District Council has prepared a Development Brief for the site which was adopted in November 2016 and the Council undertook extensive public and stakeholder consultation in preparing the Brief. The comments received were used to inform the direction of the Brief.
  • The Development Brief identifies the constraints acting upon the site and identifies a framework for how the site might be developed.

Surface Water Drainage

  • The majority of the site is classified by the Environment Agency as being at low risk of flooding.
  • Ground investigations have been undertaken on the site and show that the thin soil cover does not have adequate permeability characteristics to dispose of surface water run-off via infiltration Sustainable Drainage System techniques.
  • The main access roads will be constructed using conventional asphalt materials and will drain via gullies and below ground pipework to swales and detention basins located in the south east of the site.
  • Roof and driveway drainage will be conveyed via conventional below ground drainage pipework to detention basins located along the south-eastern boundary of the site. Where possible, driveways will be constructed using permeable block  paving with subsurface storage to help intercept run-off at source and pre-treat contaminants.
  • The detention basins and swales will be designed to accommodate run-off volumes from a 100 year design storm with an allowance for climate change. Flows from the detention basins / swales will be attenuated to Greenfield run-off rates via the use of vortex flow control devices and discharged into the existing watercourse which flows eastward under Burneside Road and ultimately discharges to the River Kent. There will be no increase to the peak rate of surface water runoff to the watercourse.
  • Compensation storage will be provided to ensure that the existing flood risk is contained on the site and is not displaced elsewhere.
  • A detailed Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Strategy, including detailed hydraulic calculations will be submitted as part of the Planning Application.

Foul Water Drainage

  • Foul water from the east of the site will drain by gravity into the existing combined gravity sewer in Burneside Road.
  • Foul water from the west of the site will drain by gravity into the existing foul gravity sewer in Briarigg.
  • At the request of United Utilities, the number of plots draining to the foul sewer in Briarigg has been maximised to limit the increase in discharge to the combined sewer in Burneside Road.
  • United Utilities undertook modelling of the sewers in Burneside Road and Briarigg in April 2016 and subsequently provided outline approval for the discharge of foul water from the proposed development as outlined above.


  • Cumbria County Council, as the Highway Authority, have concluded in their appraisal of this site at both landallocations and development brief stages that the site could be developed without detriment to either road safety or operation.
  • A Transport Assessment has been commissioned for the proposed development and is being scoped with Cumbria Highways.
  • A Travel Plan will be submitted as part of the planning application and will require that reasonable schemes are implemented to encourage alternative modes of travel to car use.
  • The development proposals have been formulated following local and national guidance. The proposals are designed for all methods of travel including pedestrians, cyclists, as well as the car and potentially the bus and take account of the Cumbria Design Guide and the Department for Transport’s Manual for Streets.
  • Vehicular access to the proposed development will be via a new mini roundabout on Burneside Road which will provide the necessary visibility splays in both directions and act as a traffic calming feature at the entrance to Kendal.
  • The potential mixed use development on the site would generate approximately 120 vehicular movements per hour forecast in the peak hours which would equate to an increase of just over two movements every minute either into or out of the site. The impact of this additional traffic on the operation of the local road network will be analysed as part of the Transport Assessment.
  • The access road and internal road network will be of sufficient width to serve the proposed development;
  • Safe and attractive pedestrian and cycle routes will be provided throughout the site to link to Burneside Road, Briarrig and the wider footpath network.
  • The existing public right of way will in the eastern field will be diverted to follow the proposed public open space in order to enable the development as proposed by the SLDC Development Brief.
  • Bus stops are currently located adjacent to the proposed site access on Burneside Road and therefore within walking distance of the proposed properties and the bus stop on Kettlewell Road (accessed over the railway line) is within a walkable distance of much of the site.