• Approximately 45 dwellings
  • Up to 40% Affordable housing for local occupancy
  • A mix of different sized homes including 2, 3 & 4 bedroom houses, apartments and bungalows
  • A new access road onto Kirkby Lonsdale Road at the centre of the site’s southern boundary
  • Public open space distributed throughout the site
  • High quality landscaping


  • Lancaster City Council intend to provide for a significant increase in housing development.
  • A number of villages, both within and outside of the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, have been identified as Sustainable Rural Settlements, where new housing development is considered appropriate.
  • Those Sustainable Rural Settlements outside of the AONBs, such as Over Kellet, are considered more suitable to accommodate higher levels of growth than those settlements within the AONBs.
  • The village benefits from services within the Village and there is access to services and employment in nearby settlements, particularly Carnforth and Lancaster.
  • In 2014 a planning application was submitted for 72 dwellings and we have considered many of the issues raised by local residents in formulating our initial plans for the site.
  • Accordingly these outline proposals demonstrate a lower density scheme with a significantly reduced number of houses proposed which is more in keeping with the existing village. The proposals also better respect Hoggets Lane Farm and consider the drainage and highways issues raised in the earlier application.

Drainage / flood risk

  • The site is located in Flood Zone 1 and is at low risk to flooding from rivers, surface water and groundwater.
  • Ground investigations have been undertaken and confirmed that the fractured limestone bedrock that underlies the site provides suitable characteristics for infiltration drainage.
  • It is proposed that surface water drainage will be via an infiltration basin located at the lowest elevation of the site near the western boundary. The infiltration basin will provide above ground storage for large storm events (1 in 100 years plus climate change) and will be designed to ensure that flood flows from exceptional events are directed away from existing dwellings on Moor Close Lane.
  • It is proposed that all driveways to dwellings and private car parking areas will be constructed using permeable block paving with partial infiltration to help intercept run-off at source. Artists impression of proposed development viewed from the west.
  • It is proposed that the new dwellings will discharge foul water flows into the existing public sewer located in Kirkby Lonsdale Road near the proposed site entrance
  • A Flood Risk Assessment and Outline Drainage Strategy will be submitted as part of the planning application.


  • A Transport Statement has been commissioned for the proposed development which will be submitted as part of the application.
  • A review of the local highway network indicates that no existing highway safety patterns or concerns have been identified within the vicinity of the site;
  • Based upon the rural village context of the site location, the site is considered to be sustainably located within a local context with accessibility to a range of services/amenities.
  • Vehicular access to the site has been developed in line with appropriate design guidance, with suitable geometry and visibility based upon the development scale and connecting local highway network characteristics;
  • Proposals include provision of a priority junction arrangement provided from the B6254 Kirkby Lonsdale Road and uncontrolled crossing point, linking to existing footway provision on the B6254 and a refuge area to facilitate school bus pick up / drop off in the vicinity of the site for the benefit of existing and future residents;
  • Trip generation associated with the proposed development not expected to have a material impact on the safety or operation of the local nor wider highway network.