In line with national planning policy and South Lake District Council’s (SLDC) adopted policies, Russell Armer Homes are proposing to submit a planning application for the following:

  • Approximately 23 dwellings
  • 26% of which will be affordable dwellings for local occupancy
  • There will be a mix of different sizes including 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses and bungalows
  • Pedestrian Access from Green Lane
  • A new access will be made from Vicarage Lane
  • Extension to the existing burial ground
  • New public open space
  • Bungalows along south elevation

The site is located to the north-east of Vicarage Road and to the south of Green Lane in Allithwaite. The site was allocated in the South Lakeland District Council Local Plan Land Allocations in the Development Plan Document adopted in December 2013 The Local Plan described the site in paragraph 4.22

4.22 This 0.8 ha site can accommodate around 22 dwellings.
Key issues here are the need to include open space to act as a ‘village green’ and to retain the open view to the Listed church and school as well as making provision at the eastern end to fulfil an imminent need to extend the graveyard. There will be a need for a footway to be provided along Green Lane where possible to provide linkage with existing footways in the village.

The Site is also referred to in the Lower Allithwaite Neighbourhood Development Plan Draft which sets out the draft Neighbourhood Plan and objectives for new housing.

The South Lakeland District Council Fact File for Allithwaite published in 2012 set out a number of key objectives for the site which the proposals seek to address:

  • The site is within the development boundary
  • Impacts limited to immediate neighbours and there would be community benefits if the mitigation measures are followed  The field is no longer considered viable for agricultural use by the farmer/ owner
  • The site is considered to be of appropriate scale for the village and has local support
  • The site is in close proximity to the listed church and school  Gaining suitable access and local highways width improvements is key issue
  • There is a community need for extension of the neighbouring graveyard and provision of some public open space
  • The site has potential for buried prehistoric remains
  • Site to include open space to act as ‘village green’ and retain open view to and protect setting of Listed church
  • Planting, landscaping and layout of the site should be considered to add further protection for the setting of the nearby listed buildings, mitigation of impacts for immediate neighbours and biodiversity enhancement
  • Area at eastern end to be left undeveloped to fulfil need for graveyard extension

Proposed Drainage

Surface Water

  • Ground to the south west of the site has been found to be suitable for the disposal of  all surface water by infiltration to the subsurface. This will be in the Public Open Space (the Green) at the low point of the site.
  • Where possible infiltration drainage will also be utilised via  permeable driveways  and paving.
  • The drainage system will be capable of storing and infiltrating an additional 30% runoff associated with the effects of climate change.
  • No surface water will be discharged to the local combined sewer network.

Foul Water

  • Foul water will be discharged to the existing combined sewer which serves properties to the west of the site.

  • A new connection will be installed through farmland to the south east and south of Heather Bank on Vicarage Lane.