• Approximately 30 dwellings
  • Up to 30% Affordable housing for local occupancy subject to viability assessment
  • A mix of different sizes including 2, 3 and 4 bed houses
  • A new access road onto the A6 in the centre of the site
  • Houses fronting main road and river served by private drives from the site access road
  • Public Open Space to the south
  • Adjusting site levels and profile to accommodate potential flooding
  • Pond to store surface water with attenuated surface water outlet to ensure flood risk not increased downstream
  • Buffer to railway embankment
  • High Quality landscaping


  • The development of this site represents logical rounding off of Bilsborrow in this location.  The application site is bounded by the A6 to the west, the River Brock and development beyond to the north, a railway line to the east and further development to the south.
  • The local planning authority cannot currently demonstrate a five year supply of deliverable housing land.
  • The emerging Local Plan has not yet reached an advanced stage therefore cannot be deemed a material consideration in determining planning applications.
  • In light of the above, planning policies relating to the delivery housing must be considered out of date and applications for planning permission must be determined against a presumption in favour of sustainable development.
  • The application site situated in a sustainable location with direct access to the A6 and the links to services it provides.
  • In addition to the market housing that will be delivered on site, 30% of the houses will be affordable.

Drainage / flood risk

  • Parts of the site are located within Flood Zone 3 (at risk of a 1 in 100 or greater chance of flooding) due to a predicted overland flood flow route from the River Brock
  • There are no records of fluvial flooding on the site
  • Ground reprofiling shall ensure proposed development is located at a sufficient level to be at very low risk of flooding
  • Compensation storage is proposed to ensure flood risk is not transferred elsewhere
  • The site is not suitable for infiltration drainage – discharge of surface water will be to a watercourse
  • Surface water discharge shall be at an attenuated rate to ensure flood risk is not increased downstream
  • Foul drainage shall be served by the nearby public foul sewer
  • A Flood Risk Assessment and Outline Drainage Strategy will be submitted as part of the planning application.


  • A Transport Statement has been commissioned for the proposed development which will be submitted as part of the application.
  • 40mph speed limit on A6
  • Advisory cycle lanes on A6
  • The nearest bus stop is 380m away from centre of site
  • Monday to Saturday two buses per hour pass the development in each direction
  • Sundays one bus per hour passes the site in each direction passed site
  • Proposed priority junction access
  • The internal site road speed designed to limit vehicle speeds to 20mph
  • At least two parking spaces will be provided per dwelling with open market dwellings also having a garage
  • Predicted generated traffic is less than 3% of total traffic passing the site during morning peak period and predicted generated traffic is less than 2% of total traffic passing the site during evening peak period
  • This indicates negligible traffic impact on the local highway network