Investing in Local Community Projects

Posted on July 28, 2015 | Charity, News

The purpose of the fund is to invest in community projects which support people facing disadvantage, within the areas Russell Armer are constructing homes.

Queen Katherine School Association
Queen Kathrine School (QKS) Association received funding to install a compost toilet with full disabled access at the Appleby Road Community Garden. The new facility will be used by volunteers, plot holders, students from QKS and Sandgate School, and children from Meadow View nursery as well as groups and individuals visiting the site. The toilet also means the site can be used by a wider range of people.

The toilet has full disabled access, is waterless and environmentally friendly. ‘Humanure’ is collected and used to enrich the soil around comfrey plants, which are in turn used to make a liquid plant food to use in the garden.

Friends and Relatives of Grange School
Friends and Relatives of Grange School was awarded £1,000 to install two fixed basket ball hoops in the grounds of the school. The school grounds are used by the students during school hours and are widely used by the local community, especially young people and families.

The school is very active in sports participation and the installation of the hoops will further increase activity levels amongst local young people, families and children.

The basket ball hoops will also improve sporting facilities within Grange over Sands, which are very limited at present, as well as reducing antisocial
behaviour in the evening as local teenagers will have an activity to direct their energy into.

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