Good News For The Housing Industry

Posted on October 13, 2010 | News

Russell Armer Homes have welcomed the Government’s pledge to make new housing projects much easier to get off the ground.

Our managing director Martyn Nicholson joined industry leaders at a major conference in London this week where Housing Minister Grant Shapps promised to reduce the burden of red tape on the housing industry.

Mr Shapps told developers they had to navigate “an alphabet soup of regulations” but he was determined to “make it easier to build the homes this country needs”.

The message is “good news” for the housing industry according to Martyn Nicholson of Russell Armer Homes.

Welcoming the Housing Minister’s pledge to speed up and reduce the cost of getting new housing developments under way, Mr Nicholson said, “It’s a very long process. Typically, from identifying a site to starting on site could take between one and three years. So if the Government can do anything to reduce that period, it can only be good news.”