Give your outdoor space a spring clean

Posted on March 28, 2019 | Information, Property

With summer only a few months away, it’s the perfect time to start preparing your outdoor space so you can make the most of the lighter, brighter days to come. If you get to grips with your garden now, you’ll be ready to kick back in a sunlounger or fire up the barbecue at a moment’s notice. 

Clear the decks
Whether you’ve got a vast paved terrace or a tiny timber deck, now’s the time to give it a wash and brush up. Mould and algae not only look unsightly but can make paths and steps super-slippery. Use a hose to wash away as much detritus as you can – be cautious if using a power wash, as it can dislodge grout. If the algae is especially stubborn, make up a 50/50 mix of bleach and water, apply to the surface and scrub with a stiff yard brush. Rinse thoroughly with the hose afterwards.

Spruce up outdoor furniture
Whether you’ve stored your outdoor furniture under cover over winter, or left it to its own devices, it’s time to give it a wash and brush up. Hardwood furniture will probably need a coat of oil – make sure the wood is completely dry before you attempt this job and it’s best to do it outside where you have plenty of ventilation. Hardwearing polyrattan furniture has become more popular because it doesn’t degrade like natural materials. All you need to do here is brush it down and wipe over with a soapy cloth. If you have padded cushions, let them air in the sunlight before use.

Tidy and weed
Lawns and borders will need a bit of attention at this time of year. Rake moss from lawns and sprinkle over some ‘weed and feed’ preparation to ensure you have greener, healthier grass in a couple of months’ time. Tidy any dead stalks and leaves from perennials in your borders and give the soil a good weed to nip new growth in the bud. Then top dress the soil with compost and give plants a feed with fertiliser to encourage them to put on a growth spurt. Trim shrubs and rose bushes.

Give pots some tlc
Potted plants – like bay, box and other perennial shrubs – will benefit from a good feed as the rain over the winter will have washed out a lot of nutrients from the soil. Move the plants if you can, before sweeping the area and giving the pots a good wipe over so they look fresh. If you’re planting up pots for the summer – lilies and agapanthus, for instance – make sure you start with a clean pot and good quality compost. Don’t be tempted to pot up summer bedding until you can be sure there’ll be no more frosty mornings.