Give your new home the personal touch

Posted on October 29, 2018 | Information, Property

If you’re moving into a new Russell Armer Home, there’ll be nothing to do, except add a splash of your own personality!

The thing most of our home owners love about moving into a Russell Armer new build is that there’s absolutely nothing left to do. The walls are painted and all the agreed appliances are in place and ready to go. Nothing to fix, repair or makeover – just move in, sit down and get the kettle on!

That said, you’ll certainly want to introduce a splash of your own style and personality – so where can you make the biggest impression for the least time and effort?

Pick a theme – but don’t worry about making everything match
You may well be moving the contents of your last home into your new one but if you’ve ditched some of your old furnishings, take your time choosing new ones. The easiest option is to buy a whole room set from a big store; the danger is that your new living room could end up looking like a TV advert. Think a bit about the style you prefer – classic country, contemporary, retro, or whatever – and then mix and match your furnishings to create a look that expresses your individuality.

Switch on to exciting lighting
Your new home will already be fitted with a selection of energy-saving lights – including pendant lights and spots – but if you want to create mood and task lighting for different rooms, it’s a good idea to invest in a selection of table and floor lamps. Your main living space will benefit from having the most options, so you can adjust the lighting to suit – whether you’re reading or relaxing in front of the TV. New-style light bulbs can even be operated from your smart phone or via voice commands using Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa. Invest in bedside lamps for all the bedrooms – the ones with nifty touch controls are the easiest to use – and consider using strings of LED lights to cast a soft glow in children’s rooms.

Plan for change
If you’re splashing out on curtains and other soft furnishings, a good rule of thumb is to opt for plains and textured neutrals for more expensive (and harder to replace) items such as carpets, curtains and sofas, adding pattern and contrast via items such as rugs, cushions and throws. This allows you to introduce bolder colours in affordable accessories that can be replaced when you’re ready for a new look. Avoid matching up wall coverings, curtains and bed linen and instead layer colours and textures to create a more relaxed effect.

Mix the old with the new
Just because you’re moving into a brand-new home, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo character. If you love quirky original design, consider selecting a classic piece – a mid-century sofa or Eames chair, maybe – and use it to provide the inspiration for one of your rooms. A striking watercolour or an antique chandelier – even a great Indian rug or a wall-hung Japanese kimono – could make an interesting starting point for an interior makeover. Auctions can provide a useful source of affordable prints and decorative objects that you’d never find in a department store.