“I kept waiting for the stress but it never came”

Posted on July 5, 2016 |

Lorraine Edgar, 25, said buying a Russell Armer home had saved her money and been “stress free”.

Miss Edgar, who has been living at her two bedroom home in Cambridge Drive, Penrith, since September, said: “Everyone said moving house was stressful but it couldn’t have been less stressful. From the day I came to get the brochure from Kerry I kept waiting for the stress but it never came. “

“It is close enough to town that you can walk in, but still so nice and peaceful and lovely and you don’t really feel like you are in town.”

“I love the layout of the house. It is really well thought out and everything is just the right size for me. I love the open plan kitchen and dining area with the front window onto the garden. It just brings in so much light and it is a lovely open space.”

“The bedrooms are really well sized, even the spare room. There are great views from the windows upstairs out over the hills and the landscape. It is quite a sunspot, especially my back garden.”

“It has been really warm over the winter and I only had to start putting the boiler on in December, it just keeps itself so warm. Even if you just put the heating on for a short while the house is cosy. I haven’t even had to put the boiler on at all in January and February so I hardly spend a thing on heating.”

“I have been living here while the builders are working on other properties around me, but they have been really friendly. They came and shaved the doors when they didn’t fit properly, they even helped me jump start my car.”